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Training diary. - currently suspended

Due to the current pandemic all face to face Adult Training has been suspended.

At this time we are being asked to take the opportunity to complete as much training as possible on line. In particular we are still required to keep our Safety and Safeguarding training up to date, please see links below if you require to update either of these modules. If your first Aid has or is due to expire please see notes below.

Getting Started - Modules 1 & 3, GDPR, Safety, Safeguarding

Modules 1 Essential Information & 3 Tools for the Role plus the other 3 modules make up what is known as the Getting Started part of your Scout Training. This is supposed to be done within 5 months of your initial appointment. This period can only be renewed once for a further 5 months at the discretion of the District Commissioner.

These modules are all available online at:

Section Leaders and Assistants must also discuss their future training with their Training Adviser (TA) this is known as Module 2. You should have been informed of your TA following your meeting with the Appointments Sub-Committee.

Any questions contact Fiona & Hamish at

First Response opportunities in the coming months:

Date         Place                           Contact


Please note that you are now required to maintain a minimum of your First Response at all times.

Please note that all face to face courses are currently suspended.

The Scout Association has updated its first aid training requirements. It has now been split into parts 10a (theory, which confusingly is made up of parts a,b&c below)) and 10b (practical)

10 a is currently being run remotely by Alan Dick - see below for latest courses.

10 b opportunities will commence once face to face training is sanctioned by the Scout Association.

There will be a short period of grace for those Leaders whose First Aid Training has lapsed during the pandemic. however they should complete 10a wherever possible as the priority will be to provide 10b opportunities for those that have updated 10a,

First Response Courses
The following dates have now been arranged for First Response Courses and are listed below:
Listed below you will find a series of dates/times for the First Response Training within Falkirk District.
In order to fulfil the requirements for the First Response Module 10, you need to sign up for:
The PART A / B & C are 2 hour Zoom sessions.
At a later date, when allowed under Scout Association Guidelines, there will be a short 30 min PRACTICAL session.
In order to assist with the admin and booking I have setup these as events through EVENTBRITE. Please select and register your dates/times from the list below.
The Zoom details will be sent out to you 24 hours before the course.
If you have any questions please email
PART A - Monday 15th February 2021 19:00 to 21:00
PART B - Thursday 18th February 2021 19:00 to 21:00
PART C - Sunday 21st February 2021 10:00 to 12:00
PART A - Tuesday 23rd February 2021 19:00 to 21:00
PART B - Thursday 25th February 2021 19:00 to 21:00
PART C - Sunday 28th February 2021 10:00 to 12:00

Wood Badge Modules

Whilst face to face training has been suspended there are still ways that you can progress your training. We realise motivation levels may be low but by completing our training obligations we will be in the beat place to move forward when conditions allow. Also if you are not meeting as often or even not at all you could use the time you would have spent at meetings to competing your training.

A number of modules are available as eLearning: 5 & 12a.

A number of modules can be completed by workbooks: 7,11,13,14,15 & 17.

The regional training team are actively looking at how we could deliver the other modules on line. (See below)

Remember you require to complete your Wood Badge within 3 years of joining the Movement or taking up appointment. Follow the links to find out more.


Below is a list of upcoming learning opportunities being held in Forth Region via zoom. Could I please ask for you to consider attending any training that is required for your Wood Badge if possible? If you are unsure as to what training you need to complete for your wood badge then this information can be found on Compass.
If you feel that you don’t need to do the below learning opportunities and can go straight to validation, please contact your training adviser to discuss what validation criteria you wish to work on.
Module 5 – The Fundamentals of Scouting
Module 8 – Skills of Leadership
Module 8 – Skills of Leadership and Module 9 – Working with Adults
Module 9 – Working with Adults
Module 12B – Programme Planning
Module 19 - International
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask: