Become an Executive Committee Member in Scouting

Being an Exec Member

Each Group and District has an Executive Committee that acts as its Trustee. Basically it makes sure that the young people get the best possible experience in the local area. It ensures that the Group or District continues to be well run and meets its charitable purpose: safely and legally.

How to Volunteer 

Find out more about the local Groups here to see which one you may like to volunteer with.


Find your nearest group on the UK Scouts page here 


Use the 'Get involved' contact form through the link above to enquire about volunteering at a local group; via our District Groups Page; or contact our District Commissioner here


For enquiries about being part of our District Executive please contact our District Chairperson here


What Do Exec Members Do?

The most well known roles are the chairperson, treasurer and secretary however there are usually Scout 'managers', leaders, parent or district representatives amongst others that make up the Exec. Often working away in the background, they make sure that there's enough money for the volunteers to deliver the programme and that equipment like tents and activity materials are available and safe to use. This role is important but more flexible with around 5 meetings a year, with work being completed when required and when able.   

If you have skills or experience in decision making, fundraising, financial, legal, IT or want something more flexible but essential then this is the role for you.


Why Volunteer with Scouts?

Our adult volunteers get just as much out of Scouting as our young people do. As well as helping young people to enjoy the adventure of Scouting, you’ll also have fun, make friends, develop current and new skills, enhance your CV and have unforgettable experiences.